Home Styling

Home Styling is crucial to any modern home. A lot of people try to handle this sort of work on their own, thinking that it will be easy to capture the look they desire using websites like Instagram as a guide.

In reality, creating stunning rooms and beautiful designs is a lot harder than you might expect. Here at Sleepy Hollow Interiors, we’ve had the opportunity to work on countless home styling projects in the home counties, and this experience has provided our team with unparalleled expertise.

How exactly does it work when you choose Sleepy Hollow Interiors though?


The Initial Consultation

We like to talk to all of our customers before we start a home styling project with them. This ensures that we can develop an understanding of your requirements, whilst also giving you the chance to influence the thoughts and work of our stylist.


The Quote & Proposal

To ensure that you know exactly what your room is going to look like before we start work, we provide a quote and a design proposal which will explore the options our stylist has chosen. You will have plenty of opportunities to tweak and change the brief to match your requirements.


The Project

We’ve had the chance to develop strong relationships with a range of trades. This gives us the ability to start your project quickly, whilst also maintaining the level of service that our existing clients have come to appreciate.

As you can see, using Sleepy Hollow couldn’t be simpler. We handle all of the hard work so that you don’t have to, and are always happy to help when you’re not sure what you want.

Get in contact today to talk to our friendly team.