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If you have a large project to undertake to your home or business, you may not have the time that’s needed to arrange for the multiple trades to complete all the jobs that are required for your refurbishment. Plasterers, Carpenters, Decorators etc, – the list continues…

You’d probably need to arrange for all trades to visit and quote, maybe two or more of each to choose the best one. You might need to arrange for each trade to start work, ensure they’re all able to get on with things and manage the timings of each trade to coincide so that when one finishes the other can start. Not to mention deal with the comings and goings and any other problems that might arise throughout the process. It can all be very time consuming.
We appreciate that you have your own jobs and commitments to keep busy with and it’s not possible to be in two places at once. With Sleepy Hollow Interiors you can coincide all of this with one company and one main point of contact. When you use Sleepy Hollow Interiors, you can let us do what we know best.

Look at our testimonials to see what our past clients have said.

At Sleepy Hollow Interiors, we’ve Project Managed hundreds of jobs over the years, we have worked extremely closely with multiple trades. Our trades people are all vetted and are trusted contacts. We have worked with and behind so many trades over the years and we have selected some of the best- that’s why we use them.

This is known as a ‘multi-trades package’.

If you’re planning a house refurbishment and you need some help, contact Sleepy Hollow Interiors, our team are on hand to talk things through. All Projects are different and have different requirements and complications, so it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. We can chat to you over phone, discuss the brief and arrange a time to meet and take look at your project in more detail.